1 May-31 Dec 2020: Wizards 20% Discounts Voucher Promo
1 May-31 Dec 2020: Wizards 20% Discounts Voucher Promo Voucher & Coupon OFFER & FREEBIES Malaysia Future, Upcoming, Fair, Exhibition | NEWEVENT MALAYSIA
Wizards Malaysia is having their 20% Discounts Voucher Promo. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a very trying time for all of us, and Wizards has been no exception.

We are a small independent restaurant, and now with the extended MCO in place to 14 April, we face severely diminished sales coupled with normal costs of doing business including ongoing obligations to pay rent at Tribeca, suppliers, bills, wages, allowances, as well as other costs.

Our goal now is to look after the welfare of our team and the industry as a whole. We are workin g to make sure Wizards is able to brave this storm and continue supporting all our staff, avoiding lay-offs and retrenchments, so we will be able to serve all of you again when things go back to normal.

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